Daniel Lawrence Bader

Daniel Lawrence Bader

24 november 1952 - 5 november 2022
This is a memoriam for our beloved colleague and good friend Dan Bader.
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Dear Julia,

Our heartfelt condolences and deepest sympathy to you and your family for the loss of Dan.

Dan’s wisdom and humor, overall positivity, promotion of the English language, alongside his leadership in biomedical engineering and his impactful scientific work have all had a lasting effect on us and we are grateful to have known him.

Dan, you will be sorely missed and fondly remembered.

Amit Gefen & Daphne Weihs 
Op 27 november 2022
om 14:47 getekend door:
A.m.i.t. .G.e.f.e.n. .&. .D.a.p.h.n.e. .W.e.i.h.s.
Dit is niet ok
Dan was such a friendly and warm person with a good sense of humour. I have had the privilege to have him as one of my supervisors during my PhD. He was always open for discussions and willing to help with your research. I have learned lot of new English words from him. He often had advice on how to improve a text and all the patience to explain it to you.

It is very sad that he passed away. He would have deserved a long joyful life after his retirement. I wish his family and friends all the strength they need with this loss. My thoughts are with you.

Kind regards,

Anne Römgens 
Op 26 november 2022
om 20:50 getekend door:
A.n.n.e. .R.ö.m.g.e.n.s.
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Dear Dan,

We first encountered during your full afternoon classroom sessions on Tissue Engineering at TU/e. My first impression at the time was that you were calm, knowledgeable and engaged. When we later on during my PhD got to work together closely, this all turned out to be true. You were really committed to do everything within your power and abilities to improve the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers. Your willingness to help and guide me on this was endless, for which I will be forever grateful. You opened all doors to the facilities of Southampton University, which was vital for my research. Also you traveled back and forth to Eindhoven tirelessly do support us. But more importantly, you allowed me to stay at your apartment whenever I visited Southampton, even unannounced. We got to know each other well during our evenings together. The warm memories of our never ending talks on football, music, society and especially family will be with me forever. Apart from having these serious talks we had good fun, catalyzed by our mutual preference for slightly cynical humor. My sincere condolences to Julia, Laetitia and Sam. Dan always expressed how proud he was of you. You will be missed Dan.

Best regards,
Op 21 november 2022
om 12:59 getekend door:
J.i.b.b.e. .S.o.e.t.e.n.s.
Dit is niet ok
Dear Dan, we met more than 20 years ago. No matter how busy you were, you were always very interested in me and my family. You had a good sense of humor and could tell beautiful stories. You were a real family man and could talk about them so proudly. It was a great pleasure to organise your farewell speech and to meet your family. A last hug after dinner for Cees in June of this year, I didn't know then that it would really be the very last. It was a great privilege to know you. Thank you for the nice contact and for your friendship, you made the difference.

My deepest condolences to Julia, Laetitia, Sam and all other family members and friends 
Op 15 november 2022
om 15:36 getekend door:
Y.v.o.n. .B.i.e.m.a.n.s.
Dit is niet ok
Dear Dan, dear family and friends,

Reading all the warm words about Dan, and he deserves them all, brings back so much memories! He was indeed a very special man and I’m so happy I got to know him and that he was my promotor. He has influenced a lot of people in a great way, and isn’t that what counts.

Warmest regards,
Op 15 november 2022
om 10:07 getekend door:
A.n.k.e. .S.t.e.k.e.l.e.n.b.u.r.g.
Dit is niet ok
Dear Dan
Thank you for being my inspiring mentor, always open to share your wisdom, experience and laughs with me. Officially, you were my ‘education mentor’, because we were teaching the Basic Tissue Engineering Course together. But in reality, you meant way more to me, thanks to the many discussions we had not just when teaching, but also in the coffee/lunch corner. You might not have been aware of that yourself, but you affected me because you were just being you, with your wit, your attitude, your kindness, your sharp analytical skills that all embraced both professional and personal life.

In your valedictory lecture you quoted Frank Sinatra, and I think there’s actually another quote that fits you well:
“I would like to be remembered as a man who had a wonderful time living life, a man who had good friends, fine family - and I don't think I could ask for anything more than that, actually.”
― Frank Sinatra

Dear family and friends of Dan,
This is how I got to know and will remember Dan. My sincerest condolences. 
Op 15 november 2022
om 10:02 getekend door:
S.a.n.d.r.a. .H.o.f.m.a.n.n.
Dit is niet ok
Dear Julia,

Dan has always been a very inspiring person for the department. I still hear in my thoughts the wise words he spoke at several meetings.

Thank you also for your kindness and being a friend to all friends of Dan in The Netherlands

Peter Hilbers, former dean Department BioMedical Engineering Eindhoven 
Op 14 november 2022
om 15:50 getekend door:
P.e.t.e.r. .H.i.l.b.e.r.s.
Dit is niet ok
Though we never directly worked together, we both were in the staff of (at that time) STBE. I greatly enjoyed Dan's wonderful sense of humour and beautiful stories about professional and personal life on the various occasions we met.

My sincere condolences to your loved ones, friends and family 
Op 14 november 2022
om 14:51 getekend door:
M.o.n.i.e.k. .v.a.n. .B.e.e.s.t.
Dit is niet ok
My sincere condolences to Dan's family. 
Op 13 november 2022
om 17:02 getekend door:
A.r.m.a.n.d. .R.o.n.d.a.s.
Dit is niet ok
Dan, I remember you as a very knowledgeable and committed personality.
I wish your loved ones much strength with this great loss. 
Op 13 november 2022
om 11:52 getekend door:
E.r.i.k. .d.e. .L.a.a.t.
Dit is niet ok
Dear Julia,

My deepest sympathy for the loss of Dan.

He has been a true friend and mentor to me, since I first met him in 1996. As you know, a young scientist, I stayed some time in his laboratory and later introduced him at TU/e and collaborated with him in Eindhoven. I learned so much from him. He was wise, open-minded, honest, sharp, and it was always a joy to work with him. Thank you also for your kindness and being a friend to all friends of Dan in The Netherlands

@Laetitai and Sam: Every time your father was in Eindhoven, he spoke fondly of you and his new family members and grand son. He was so proud of what you both had reached in life - and so worried about how life would treat you. He loved you dearly.

Thinking of you at this difficult time.

Carlijn Bouten 
Op 12 november 2022
om 20:25 getekend door:
C.a.r.l.i.j.n. .B.o.u.t.e.n.
Dit is niet ok
Dan, you were not only a dedicated researcher and a scientific top expert, but even more a very nice and warm personality. Thank you.

My sincere condolences to Dan's family. 
Op 12 november 2022
om 12:40 getekend door:
J.o.s. .S.c.h.o.l.s.
Dit is niet ok
Please accept my condolences. Dan was a leading figure in biomechanics, and he will be missed. 
Op 12 november 2022
om 11:07 getekend door:
M.a.r.c.o. .V.i.c.e.c.o.n.t.i.
Dit is niet ok
Dear Dan,

Thank you for everything. As a young PhD student you were a mentor for me in the broadest sense of the word. A wise person who was extremely kind, helpful and deeply caring about his students.

I will never forget the passionate discussions we had about science, your wonderful sense of humour, the beautiful English phrases you taught me, your love for Chelsea, the conference visits with talks about politics and all aspects of life.

So thank you, I will always cherish these beautiful memories.

Warmest regards,

Roel Breuls 
Op 12 november 2022
om 7:21 getekend door:
R.o.e.l. .B.r.e.u.l.s.
Dit is niet ok
Dear Dan,

Even though I myself did not interact with you a lot during your 20 year tenure in our department, your name was often mentioned in conversations with colleagues from the tissue engineering groups, and always in the most positive and kind way. Your importance as a role model became even more clear to me during your valedictory lecture in 2020. You have been a true friend and inspiration for many of our staff and students and have been instrumental to the succes of the BME department. We will always remember your friendship and mentorship and are very grateful for all your contributions. Our toughts are with Julia, Leatitia, Sam, and other family members.

Maarten Merkx, dean Department Biomedical Engineering Eindhoven 
Op 11 november 2022
om 23:14 getekend door:
M.a.a.r.t.e.n. .M.e.r.k.x.
Dit is niet ok
Dear Dan,

A big thank you. For being a role model, a mentor and but most of all an extremely pleasant and fun person to be with.
My visit to you and your team at Queen Mary for an internship was a personal positive learning experience. You’ll be in my memory forever.

Dear family and friends,

My sincerest condolences for you.
May you find peace, comfort and all the love you need in the days to come.

Warmest regards

Op 11 november 2022
om 21:00 getekend door:
E.m.i.e.l. .P.e.e.t.e.r.s.
Dit is niet ok
Dear Dan, Cees told me the sad news. You supervised my PhD together with him, and I learned so much from you, both scientifically and because of who you are as a person: Impressive because of your knowledge and wisdom, but also very approachable, nice and warm, with a good sense of humor. It was a privilege to know you and learn from you. 
Op 10 november 2022
om 22:26 getekend door:
K.a.r.l.i.e.n. .C.e.e.l.e.n.
Dit is niet ok
Dear Dan,
Since our first meeting in your office in London in the late nineties you have had a major influence on my career. You have been a mentor, you have helped me enormously with your international network and for more than 20 years you have become my sparring partner in our joined research and together we supervised 15 PhD-students and numerous Master students. Most importantly over the years we have become very good friends. A few months before your valedictory lecture we agreed to stay in touch after retirement, which was difficult because of Covid, but we wrote each other regularly. I am glad that last June we were able to finally meet in person again in Eindhoven, not realising it was the last time. I will miss you terribly Dan, your humor, your love for music, your beautiful English phrasing, your interest in sports and your love of life. 
Op 8 november 2022
om 21:11 getekend door:
C.e.e.s. .O.o.m.e.n.s.
Dit is niet ok
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