Jan Haagsma

3 maart 1946 - 14 oktober 2020

Je weet niet hoe sterk je bent tot het moment dat sterk zijn de enige keuze is die je hebt.


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Hola Aby,

Espero que puedas encontrar paz en tu alma. Jan te amo y siempre presumía de ti. Nunca escuche 1 palabra de critica, Debes de estar orgullosa de lo que tu y Jan hicieron como matrimonio. Siempre en amor y cariño, siempre juntos saliendo adelante en esta vida. Un ejemplo de como vivir el matrimonio.

Claro que extrañamos a Jan. Era un amigo de nosotros.

Te mandaos un abrazo y deseo que Dios llene tu familia de paz, amor, salud y certeza de que Ja siempre fue una muy buena persona, no solo para ti.

Oscar y Susana Woltman Ocampo 
Op 29 oktober 2020
om 16:06 getekend door:
O.s.c.a.r. .W.o.l.t.m.a.n.
Dit is niet ok
Dear Aby,
Too soon, too soon. Barely a day after you sent us the corona news Jan passed away. I always thought my uncle would live to be a 100, as he was one of the strongest guys l knew. Not only was he strong,he was also my favourite uncle. His life abroad and his travels were always a great example for me. The world is big, let?s enjoy it. It is heartbreaking he is gone now. We wish you all the strength with his loss. We know he was the love of your life. He was one of a kind. Jan will always be remembered! Greetings and hugs, Rob & Roxanne. 
Op 26 oktober 2020
om 10:47 getekend door:
R.o.b. .T.u.i.n.s.t.r.a. .&. .R.o.x.a.n.n.e. .A.r.i.a.n.
Dit is niet ok
Dear Abigail and family,

Herewith I would like to express my condolences. I have had the pleasure of working with Jan on a project in Germany. It was maybe not the most interesting project for Jan to work on, but with his enthousiasm Jan managed to motivate people and make it a success. Later we met a few more times in his new homeland Mexico. He always showed sincere interest and always took time to catch up over a cup of coffe or a beer. I will remember Jan as a warm, enthusiastic and honest person. Abigail, I wish you and your family a lot of strength in this very difficult period. 
Op 25 oktober 2020
om 10:05 getekend door:
M.a.r.c. .V.i.j.v.e.r.b.e.r.g.
Dit is niet ok
Dear Aby

We learned with dismay that your Jan is died. My wife Sabine and I would like to express our condolences.
We've learned Jan as an always kind and honest comrade.
During his time in Schwallungen we've had wounderful hours. We laughed a lot when we played football.
Unfotunately he is no longer with us.
But our thoughts are by you and Jan as well.
We wish you a lot of strenght in this very difficult time.
With sincere condolences
Sabine and Frank 
Op 23 oktober 2020
om 18:22 getekend door:
S.a.b.i.n.e. .u.n.d. .F.r.a.n.k. .I.l.g.e.n. .S.c.h.w.a.l.l.u.n.g.e.n.
Dit is niet ok
Jan desde que lo conoci,por ser esposo de Abigail,hasta el final fue un ciudadano que amó y honrro a su país y llevo en su corazón a nuestro querido México. 
Op 22 oktober 2020
om 3:11 getekend door:
M.a.r.i.a. .d.e. .l.a. .L.u.z. .M.t.z. .M.t.z.
Dit is niet ok
Jan desde que lo conoci,por ser esposo de Abigail,hasta el final fue un ciudadano que amó y honrro a su país y llevo en su corazón a nuestro querido México. 
Op 22 oktober 2020
om 3:11 getekend door:
M.a.r.i.a. .d.e. .l.a. .L.u.z. .M.t.z. .M.t.z.
Dit is niet ok
Querido Jan

Tal vez el tiempo no fue suficiente para convivir contigo, pero recuerdo mucho la primera vez que lo hice . Fuiste cómplice de aquel día que querían ser mis cupidos.

Siempre estabas muy feliz , y en tí veía un alma muy joven y con tantas ganas de vivir la vida al 100%.

Nos tomamos unos tequilas y entre aby y tú estaban esas ganas enormes de compartir un palenque con nosotros.

Te veía platicando con mi papá como si se conocieran de hace mucho tiempo, y ahí fué cuando me dí cuenta de el tipazo que eras.

Ahora Dios quiso a su lado a un hombre como tú, con esa sonrisa y alegría tan grandes.

Me faltan palabras para describir la persona tan alegre y tan entusiasta que eres, pero sobretodo para describir el amor que emanaban él y tú. Couple goals definitivamente. Eres una persona que marca la vida de la gente que te conoce, y ahora sé que el gran amor de tu vida está allá arriba para seguirte cuidando , amando , y protegiendo.

Mis condolencias para tí y para toda la familia.

Con amor.

Op 20 oktober 2020
om 21:00 getekend door:
A.n.a. .m.u.ñ.o.z.
Dit is niet ok
Dear Abigail and Family,

So sorry for your loss.
A few years ago I had the opportunity to work with Jan on a project near Querétaro and it was much fun working with him.
The Greenhousebuilding business has lost a unique personality.

Duijnisveld Greenhouse Structures
Bart van Peppen 
Op 20 oktober 2020
om 14:42 getekend door:
B.a.r.t. .v.a.n. .P.e.p.p.e.n.
Dit is niet ok
Querida Abi, querida amiga
Todavia no podemos creer que el alegre, hermoso y muy gezellige Jan ya no esta con nosotros.
Aunque estamos lejos ahora, en nuestros corazones estamos con ustedes. Los queremos mucho y los extranamos mucho.
Tenemos muy bonitos recuerdos con Jan y contigo, tuvimos muchos momentos juntos con muchas risas y algunas ;) cervezas. Tambien nuestros papas tienen bonitos recuerdos con los dos. Siempre abiertos para festejar, consumir y reir.
Un recuerdo que nos da risa todavia fue cuando fuimos al koningsbal con ustedes, Bram tenia una corbata muy corta y Jan se burlo mucho de el :).
Siempre recordaremos a Jan.

Abi, te mandamos mucho amor, abrazos y besos y cuando quieras en Holanda tienes tu casa. Estas bienvenido siempre!
Bram, Marieke, Teun, Max y Lot 
Op 19 oktober 2020
om 23:22 getekend door:
M.a.r.i.e.k.e. .e.n. .B.r.a.m.
Dit is niet ok
Dear Aby,

we send you our condolences from Germany. We look back fondly on Jan's time here in Schwallungen. The many beautiful moments and especially your last visit together in 2017 will be forever in our hearts.

We wish you the necessary strength to overcome your grief and to look ahead. This is certainly also Jan's wish. He will see us all from above?.

With love from all Schwallunger friends, especially Harry, Benno and Eugen with families 
Op 18 oktober 2020
om 21:27 getekend door:
A.n.i.k.a. .D.e.g.e.l.
Dit is niet ok
Dear Aby and Family,
First of all my condolences to you and the family. We have lost a great person!

I got in contact with Jan about three years ago and was struck by his enthusiasm, his spirit and his eternal youth.
Jan represented a long term experience in the greenhouse industry. Guys like Jan made it possible for greenhouses builders to expand their business outside the Netherlands. The more difficult the conditions the better they performed. During their stays abroad the created not only nice building but also strong durable relations ships. This resulted in returning orders and made us greenhouse builders successful around the world.
I had the opportunity to experienced his commitment during the building of the new Rijk Zwaan Promex extension. Also some of our other, all less experienced , employees had the possibility to work with Jan. All of them returned home after a site visit and were all impressed by Jan. Not only because of his workmanship but also because of his personal care, great stories and humor!
We will remember Jan as a great example for our industry, ourselves and our future.

Martin Steentjes (director Van der Hoeven Horticultural Projects) 
Op 18 oktober 2020
om 14:46 getekend door:
M.a.r.t.i.n. .S.t.e.e.n.t.j.e.s.
Dit is niet ok
Dear Abby, dear famuly,

This evening i heard that Jan passed away.
That makes me sad, very sad.

When Jan lived in Holland, in Bolsward we were friends.
We met on the soccerfield and we played in the same team, in RES.
Jan was a little older dan i am (I´m 64) and when we played football he allways protected me when i was attackted..
My hair was really white so he called me 'De witte', The white one!
We had a fine time together.

I'm realy sad to hear Jan passed away.

And for all of you and especially for Abigail i wish all the power.

Greetings from Bolsward, Holland.
Age Huitema 
Op 18 oktober 2020
om 12:30 getekend door:
A.g.e. .H.u.i.t.e.m.a.
Dit is niet ok
Dear Abby,
the last weeks you informed us about the bad situation of Jan in the hospital due to Corona and suddenly he passed away. Again our condoleances for you and the family. we will try to follow the funeral on live stream and wish you a lot of strength these very sad, emotional days. Take care dear Abby, a big hug and love from us! 
Op 17 oktober 2020
om 22:02 getekend door:
P.i.e.t. .&. .B.i.r.g.i.t. .v.a.n. .R.i.j.
Dit is niet ok
Dear Abby
We are so sorry for your lost.
We will remember our time in Mexico as one of the best trips ever.
We meet the two of you 12 years ago as most friendly and kind.
Because of our stay at your place we will always think of you.

Lots of love
Nol, Hilda
Martien & Jill 
Op 17 oktober 2020
om 22:01 getekend door:
J.i.l.l. .v.a.n. .V.e.l.d.e.n.
Dit is niet ok
Dear Aby and Family,

I remember Jan as a very honest and friendly person, always time to have a nice talk, even when he was very busy. I know hime since the project he runned at Promex. I like to wish you and the family all the strength with this big loss. 
Op 17 oktober 2020
om 14:00 getekend door:
F.r.a.n.s. .v.a.n. .d.e. .S.a.n.d.e.
Dit is niet ok
Lieve Abi en familie van Jan,
Gecondoleerd en sterkte gewenst in deze moeilijke tijd. Wij hebben Jan dankzij onze zoon ontmoet en hebben hem leren kennen als een super gezellige attente man. Zo blijft Jan in onze herinnering en zullen hem bij os volgend bezoek aan Mexico ontzettend missen. Abi wij denken aan jou en veel liefs en knuffels. Harry en Trina Büter 
Op 16 oktober 2020
om 21:42 getekend door:
T.r.i.n.a. .e.n. .H.a.r.r.y. .B.ü.t.e.r.
Dit is niet ok
Dear Abi and family of Jan,

I was very saddened to hear about the passing of Jan. I have fond memories of him, even though we didn?t see each other a lot, he was always very kind and happy and also very sweet to the kids. A shame we will have to miss such a good man amongst us in our Dutch Community here in Queretaro.

My Dad and his girlfriend also remember him from only meeting him once when they came to visit Mexico, so you can imagine what a good impression he has left. They also would like to express their condolences.

I wish you all the strength in the world to cope with his loss and a virtual hug.

All the best,

Yvonne and family 
Op 16 oktober 2020
om 19:16 getekend door:
Y.v.o.n.n.e. .W.i.l.l.e.m.s.
Dit is niet ok
Rust in Vrede Jan, ik heb mooie herinneringen aan jou en aan ons contact. 
Op 16 oktober 2020
om 18:55 getekend door:
W.i.l.l. .B.i.j.l.s.t.r.a.
Dit is niet ok
I did have the honor to meet Jan a few times here in Mexico and talked to him a few times. Great loss of a good human being. Known like a strong and good men from Times that Greenhouse posts where made of Wood and men made of steel.

My sincere condoleances to family and dear friends To all strenght with this big loss. 
Op 16 oktober 2020
om 18:38 getekend door:
L.o.r.e.n.z.o. .d.e. .J.o.n.g.
Dit is niet ok
Dear Abigail,
My condolences to you and your family.
Wish you strength, big hug,
Op 16 oktober 2020
om 16:08 getekend door:
Y.v.o.n.n.e. .v.a.n. .U.f.f.e.l.e.n.
Dit is niet ok
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