Mesfin Tsegaye

Mesfin Tsegaye

4 april 1968 - 16 juni 2020

Remembering Mesfin Tsegaye

"Nothing shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord" Romans 8:39(NKJV)
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My deepest condolences to the family. I had opportunity to study with him on GEM, France. Remarkable person in any sense. Spent such great time with him, in France as well as in Belgrade. Truly friend and inspiration for all of us knowing him, it was a honour my friend. 
Op 8 september 2020
om 8:48 getekend door:
S.l.o.b.o.d.a.n. .V.e.l.i.n.o.v.
Dit is niet ok
My sincere condolences .your father was a remarkabel friend and his passing was tragic . We will praying for your family. 
Op 28 juli 2020
om 18:43 getekend door:
Dit is niet ok
Dear Mesfin,
I am so saddened to hear of your passing. You were such a great friend, colleague and leader. You truly cared about others. I am so inspired by you and your aspirations. You have left us much too soon.

To Ruth, Hewan,and Mesfin's family and loved ones: My deepest condolences for your loss. Mesfin was a truly great man, and I am so very sorry. Stay strong through your faith. May peace be with you. 
Op 7 juli 2020
om 3:33 getekend door:
J.e.a.n.n.i.e. .C.h.e.w.
Dit is niet ok
Mesfin, Ik kan het nog steeds niet geloven, je had nog zoveel plannen. Ilse en Ik hebben een dierbare vriend verloren en Ruth en Hewan een zeer goede en lieve vader.
Ilse en Ik wensen Ruth en Hewan zeer veel sterkte toe de komende tijd met dit tragisch verlies. 
Op 6 juli 2020
om 16:40 getekend door:
P.e.t.e.r. .E.n.g.e.l.s.m.a.n.
Dit is niet ok
Dear family,

My heartfelt condolences to you all. Hopefully the lovely words in this register give you a little support in your great loss. Love Sarah Sutherland xxx 
Op 2 juli 2020
om 11:34 getekend door:
Dit is niet ok
Hi loved ones of Mesfin,
Words are not enough to express the lost of someone you truly love. I worked a number of years with Mesfin and it was a period I look back on with a lot of respect, fun and respect. The Ethiopian word ?Ishee? is something we share and every time we met we laughed about, it gave us a band.
I pray that god blesses you with the strength you need to get through this difficult time but knowing that Mesfin is still with us in spirit.

Kind regards,

André Kooijman 
Op 29 juni 2020
om 13:46 getekend door:
A.n.d.r.é. .K.o.o.i.j.m.a.n.
Dit is niet ok
Dear Mesfin, I couldn't believe the news of your passing. I can't believe you've been taken away so soon and it is a great loss for everyone who has known or worked with you. You've inspired many of us, and I will remember you as the positive, kind and strong person as you are. You will be missed. 
Op 25 juni 2020
om 18:17 getekend door:
M.i.c.h.e.l.l.e. .H.u.
Dit is niet ok
Mesfin, I will miss you my dear friend. We had such an excellent interaction, work and non work related, and your care for others as human was always a great pleasure! I am still in sock my dear friend since I hear this sad news. Farewell my friend and my deepest condolences for the family, friends & colleagues. 
Op 23 juni 2020
om 11:41 getekend door:
M.e.s.u.t. .Y.u.k.s.e.l.
Dit is niet ok
Despite your seniority and busy schedule you always gave us the time when needed, you always cared, you always had our backs, you were never the ?Boss? but our ?Leader? and you left a lasting positive impression on all the team. Above all you were a wonderful human being too.

I will be forever grateful to you and feel truly blessed to have worked for you and for your friendship. RIP my friend. x

Ruth, Hewan, My deepest condolosences and I?m so sorry your loss, but please be proud, as your Father was such a woderful person. 
Op 23 juni 2020
om 10:29 getekend door:
Y.a.k.o.o.b. .V.a.r.a.c.h.i.a.
Dit is niet ok
Mesfin, you will be missed and remembered as a kind, warm and caring colleague. I'm so sorry for you and your family that you have left so young. We go back to the early 2000's and I'll never forget the fun and serious conversations we had during those special day's sitting together in that one Leidschendam room with the TPA and Mobile Office teams. I wish your family and loved ones all the strength in these difficult time. 
Op 23 juni 2020
om 9:56 getekend door:
R.o.y. .v.a.n. .E.c.k.
Dit is niet ok
Truly shocked when I heard Mesfin is now with god. Mesfin, I still remember the day you joined Shell and our team. What an entrance you made with your beaming smile! Always impressed with your style to handle challenges at work but also at home. So full of energy and love always. Wishing your loved ones all the strength and love in these difficult times. 
Op 23 juni 2020
om 9:51 getekend door:
J.a.n. .W.i.l.l.e.m. .H.a.l.s.e.m.a.
Dit is niet ok
Mesfin had a tremendous impact on all who got to know him. My deepest condolences, I wish Mesfin? s family strength to get through this difficult period. 
Op 23 juni 2020
om 9:12 getekend door:
M.o.h.a.m.e.d. .E.L. .K.h.e.d.r.
Dit is niet ok
Dear Mesfin,
It was such a shock when I heard the news, and realised that such a wonderful colleague had passed away. So kind, generous, calm and soft spoken, and so focused on doing the right thing for everyone. I will not forget you.

For the family - I cannot fathom your loss and sadness. I wish you a lot of strength. Hold on to the memory of such a wonderful person. 
Op 23 juni 2020
om 8:29 getekend door:
V.i.n.c.e.n.t. .v.a.n. .S.c.h.a.i.k.
Dit is niet ok
Mesfin was always "my boss's boss" so I didn't have a lot of time with him, but I was never disappointed with what could sometimes be just a few hours a year that we shared. I always felt he "got it." He was a good man.

My deepest condolences to his family and those who knew him better. 
Op 22 juni 2020
om 21:39 getekend door:
K.e.i.t.h. .M.c.C.r.o.s.k.y.
Dit is niet ok
Dear Mesfin,
It is so sad to hear of you and I will miss you dearly. Our conversations and meetings have been of happy and fun moments. Your smile has also warmed my heart and words of wisdom have guided me through my journey in life and work.

Ruth and Hewan, I am glad I had a chance to meet you both personally before in Houston. My thoughts are with you and know that your father is such a special, kind, generous, selfless man. Please accept my condolences in these trying times. 
Op 22 juni 2020
om 21:09 getekend door:
C.h.r.i.s.t.i.n.a. .H.o.a.n.g.
Dit is niet ok
Such sad news. Mesfin was one of my EMBA07 class mates. Friendly, open, positive and curious.
Cherish the memories. 
Op 22 juni 2020
om 19:58 getekend door:
S.a.r.a.h. .W.i.l.t.o.n.-.W.e.l.s.
Dit is niet ok
Dear Mesfin,

It is with great sadness I heard the news of your passing. You're a kind person and always treated everyone equally and with respect.
I enjoyed our conversations and will always remember the happy moments where you were laughing and smiling during your visits to Amsterdam.

You will be truly missed and always remembered.

My heart goes out to you and your family, may peace, comfort and strength find you during this difficult time. 
Op 22 juni 2020
om 13:13 getekend door:
M.o.u.n.i.m. .A.z.o.u.a.k.
Dit is niet ok
rust zacht, je was een geweldige persoonlijkheid en je had nog zo veel plannen voor jezelf, je dochters en je land.
Een ster heeft opgehouden te fonkelen 
Op 22 juni 2020
om 9:23 getekend door:
G.u.i.d.o. .P.l.o.o.i.j.
Dit is niet ok
Beste Mesfin, ik herinner jou exact zoals je op de foto staat, altijd die alles ontwapenende glimlach. Je gedrevenheid en continue drang om alles nog beter te doen of te maken. Altijd gaf je zoveel energie en positiviteit. Die zal me altijd bijblijven. Dank je wel!

Ik wens de familie heel veel sterkte in deze zeer, zeer moeilijke tijd. 
Op 22 juni 2020
om 8:34 getekend door:
R.o.n.a.l.d. .Q.u.a.r.t.e.l.
Dit is niet ok
Mesfin, I remember so many nice times we had together, speaking about the company and talking about private things as well. Always with a smile on your face and your distinctive voice which was unique. So many years have now an end and for myself I had always the hope that you could be healthy again and crossed my fingers therefore. My thoughts are with your family and friends as well to survive these hard times.
I have kept a place deep in my heart for you and will not forget you. 
Op 22 juni 2020
om 8:30 getekend door:
T.o.b.i.a.s. .S.c.h.m.i.d.t.
Dit is niet ok
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