Suyash Patil

30 april 1989 - 29 februari 2020
Suyash Patil was a great guy with a big sense of humour who built up a new life in the Netherlands. He was loved and cheered by his teammates and friends, who all will miss him very much.
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Please accept my warmest condolences. I am truly sorry for your loss. 
Op 6 maart 2020
om 9:10 getekend door:
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Suyash was a very nice and valued colleague, with a warm and charming personality. We will miss him in our team. 
Op 5 maart 2020
om 11:54 getekend door:
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When I think of you I think of the funny stories you told me. I think how happy you was to visit your family, your parents when you visited India a few month ago.
But most of all I see that big smile on your face. 
Op 4 maart 2020
om 19:46 getekend door:
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I remembered meeting Suyash for the first time, he blow me away by his positive attitude and humor.
He will be missed. My condolences to his family, colleagues and friends. 
Op 4 maart 2020
om 16:14 getekend door:
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I have good memories of Suyash, an authentic and funny guy!

My condolences to the Patil family on the loss. He will always be in our hearts. 
Op 4 maart 2020
om 16:03 getekend door:
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Suyash only brings me good memories. He was always up for something, funny and an awesome friend.

My deepest condolences to the Patil Family and thank you so much for the good times together. 
Op 4 maart 2020
om 11:57 getekend door:
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We didn't connect a lot in the short time we knew each other, but I already miss your infectious smile. What a shock and what a terrible loss.

Heartfelt condoleances to the Patil family and all your loved ones. 
Op 4 maart 2020
om 11:32 getekend door:
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I've only known you a short time. But thank you for the pleasant cooperation and the peace you radiated.

I would like to wish the family strength in bearing this great loss. 
Op 4 maart 2020
om 9:14 getekend door:
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Missing your jokes already, when ever you came by my table, you always made sure to make a joke of some random subject. Which often turned into running joke, of us adding to the joke. I really enjoyed that.

My deepest condolences to the Patil Family. 
Op 4 maart 2020
om 8:55 getekend door:
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I would have loved playing chess with you, I bet you were good at it and we would both enjoy the challenge. My condoleances to the Patil family, I wish I?d had the time to get to know you much better, so sudden and sad that you are gone. 
Op 3 maart 2020
om 18:28 getekend door:
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When I texted you, 'Suyash let's meet' you never said no.

When I had bad days you supported me and Omar ?? whatever you are, your watching over us...

We love u alot, living without u will be hard...

May your soul rest in peace my brother, my friend my mate ??

Please know that you're in my thoughts and prayers. ...

My deepest condolences to the family Patil ?

?? Omar and Maryam 
Op 3 maart 2020
om 15:55 getekend door:
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Suyash was the first colleague I met at the new job. His calm and positive attitude was something I greatly admired. Never have I seen him being upset or troubled, even as he encountered challenges that life sometimes takes us through.
His creativity and great sense of humour were something all of our company enjoyed and he was always an important and respected member of our small community.

Your untimely passing is a great loss and I'm deeply saddened and shocked. My deepest condolences to your family and loved ones.
Thanks for the good times, friend and rest in piece. 
Op 3 maart 2020
om 15:04 getekend door:
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I'm deeply shocked and overwhelmed with the sudden death of my friend Suyash. I met Suyash on Skype for the first time in February 2018. From the very first second we had a connection and the same kind of humour. I was delighted that he came to the Netherlands to work at my company Code Nomads. He arrived here in the Netherlands in September 2018. When I picked him up from the airport, we had fun together. He was so surprised by the Dutch landscape (so flat!), the cold temperature (Suyash: "good airconditioning you have here" -> Me:"uhm, we are outside now") and that you can drive 120 km per hour on the highway without much traffic jams. After adapting to the Dutch weather and culture he started working at the Rabobank. Here he worked on a very innovative project, which he truly enjoyed. He was always there with all Code Nomads team meetings and enjoyed them very much. We went on many trips together in Belgium and Spain, but also visited many developer conferences with the team. Suyash made his way into the global Java community by being a speaker at the Devoxx Belgium conference. here we hosted a Java Quiz together, including glitter jackets and quizmaster hats. I will miss Suyash as a friend and I will remember his humour and unique view on daily stuff a lot. My condealances goes out to his family and loved ones: all the best! 
Op 3 maart 2020
om 14:52 getekend door:
R.a.m.o.n. .W.i.e.l.e.m.a.n.
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