Birger Busk

Birger Busk

8 april 1979 - 10 februari 2020


On Monday the 10th of February we unexpectedly lost our dear colleague Birger Busk. Birger was an amazing colleague and was known for his positivity and ability to unite people in the organisation. We will miss him dearly and our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends. We wish them all the strength and comfort.

Team EUR Revenue Management
Maersk Netherlands BV
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It still feels like very recent when we played squash together in Rotterdam. Your positive energy, and your compassion towards other remain vivid. You talked about your new apartment, your transfer to NL, you old flat in Copenhagen, and the activities you enjoyed - what a great person and colleague you were.
Still hard to believe that the world lost you Birger. Yet it is certain that you are being missed by many of us. Rest in peace. 
Op 10 maart 2020
om 12:50 getekend door:
N.a.n. .N.a.n.n.a. .Z.h.a.n.g.
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Dear Birger,
I still cannot believe you are gone. I keep waiting for you to pop up on skype at my desk...My Knight in Shining Maersk armor.: ) I can?t tell you how much I loved working with you over the last several years. You were smart, calm, logical, funny and had the most amazing sparkle in your eye. More than your work acumen, I appreciated your kindness, your friendship, and your optimism. I keep having a few images of you play through my mind. My favorite is your walking over to my desk every damn month for that State of the Nation call, headset on, walking calmly with a smile, laughing and rolling your eyes at the same time while you helped me figure out my ?technical difficulties* with 20 people waiting on the call.. You could always fix it. It was our routine and we laughed so much about it. And then our ?good cop/bad cop? trips together down to Hamburg that always ended in a fun, lighthearted dinner. I think we both always ended up being the good cop most of the time. I missed our coffee chats in the lounge after you moved. First business and then there was always just life; your apartment balcony project, the photos of the bar at the festival flooding, Marbella training, weekend adventures biking 100km in the rain and getting a blown out tire, going home on the bus that weekend for a family event. You were so real and so grounded and knew how to embrace life and live in the moment more than most. You touched the hearts of more people in your short 40 years than most could do in several lifetimes. To your family, you should be so proud of this wonderful person you raised and sent into the world. He was loved by so many and will always be. He will never be forgotten and his gift of joining people and paying it forward will live forever. Rest In Peace, dear Birger and see you on the other side. Xoxoxox 
Op 9 maart 2020
om 22:29 getekend door:
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Dear "Bivo",

Took me some time to write this - as I am still in disbelief that this has happened and that I will not see you come in anymore - with rain dripping down you face, soaked jacket but still smiling and being jolly.

Loved and truly cherish having all those nice conversations and "discussing" with you, about pink clothes, beers, vacations, the dogs, even the horrible K+N discussions (where you would always have my back) and much much more.

Sometimes you would just come over to me because you were in a mood to discuss, and you chose me to do that, which I loved.

I always remember you passing by before the weekend to wish me well and tell me to enjoy and about your plans, also inviting me to the Friday afternoon drinks at Witte Huis.

One of the things I will miss most is your eye for detail - perfection - if one of my nails were chipped, if I had mascara or an eyelash under my eye, if there was anything basically which was out of place, I could always count on you to tell me the honest truth, which is why I loved you as so as my dear friend.

Still in disbelief - but surely never forgotten - when I think of you, it will always bring a big smile yet a tear to my face, the smile because you would always have the superpower to make me laugh even when I did not want to, and a tear because I will not be able to see you anymore..

Op 9 maart 2020
om 11:26 getekend door:
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Tack för alla skratt kring kaffemaskinen, du är saknad!

Op 9 maart 2020
om 7:48 getekend door:
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Dear Birger, we are still in disbelief, we cannot believe that you have passed away so suddenly. We have great memories from nights out in Copenhagen, drinks and talks in Rotterdam. We both cannot grasp that we cannot just run into you, by the coffee machine, by bike on the Erasmusbrug or near the Rotte. It is just impossible to let sink in that this will not happen again, ever. We will miss you and will definitely not forget about you. Love Suus and Eva 
Op 8 maart 2020
om 17:45 getekend door:
S.u.z.a.n.n.e. .&. .E.v.a.
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Hi, Birger

We talked about the cycling and I asked to join my cycling group to enjoy some great road trips together, you promised to join us this year, sadly it wouldn't happen anymore.

R.I.P My friend

Adam Wei 
Op 6 maart 2020
om 13:12 getekend door:
A.d.a.m. .W.e.i.
Dit is niet ok
Hi Mate

We were good friends for over 8 years from the time we started at the same time in Copenhagen.

Will miss all of the time spent in the bodegas of Copenhagen and all of the different shots you loved to share with us.

You were always a great friend, letting me stay with you for some weeks when I was moving houses and glad we got to travel to Sweden and also to America and spend time with all of our CPH crew. It was adventure.

Glad you also moved to Rotterdam and that we could reconnect here.

Its tough everytime I come up to the 7th floor and think I should wander down for a chat.

Rest easy brother.

Op 6 maart 2020
om 12:05 getekend door:
B.r.e.t.t. .M.e.a.d.s.
Dit is niet ok
Hi Birger,

your departure was too sudden and too soon. You are leaving a hole in peoples hearts whereever i look, including mine. We miss you! 
Op 6 maart 2020
om 11:08 getekend door:
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Dear Birger, family and friends,

Like to express my sincerest condolences. It is simply impossible to understand what has happened and therefore extremely difficult to give our feelings a place. The pain we are all feeling is incredible. You leave a large emptiness behind at which you will be remembered as a great colleague, person and friend. My thoughts go out to you and your families.

Rest in peace.
Op 6 maart 2020
om 11:07 getekend door:
M.a.r.i.u.s. .M.e.r.s.i.e.
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Dear Birger's family,

Thank you for giving us this amazing person. He brought joy to our lives, he truly cared about everyone around him and he was always ready to listen and give a good advise. He loved you dearly, and he always had a story about you, even how the dog took his place.

I miss you already, and still waiting for you to come to the office with that big smile, your jacket and your backpack, and bother us with the amazing weather you had in your trip.

Love, Lilia 
Op 6 maart 2020
om 10:27 getekend door:
Dit is niet ok
Dear Birger,

You will for sure be missed.

Rest in peace.
Op 6 maart 2020
om 10:09 getekend door:
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Dear Birger,

You are one of the kindest, gentlest, most honest person I have ever met. You always took care of everyone, making sure nobody was left behind or left alone . You did your utmost to help and support people whenever and however you could. It was almost impossible to upset you and you were always looking for ways to keep people around you content. Never heard words of regret nor complain and you could always find the positive in almost any situation. All setbacks were opportunities, everyone was worth of helping. Even long working hours or difficult moments could not faze you. You will be dearly missed my friend , so sad . 
Op 5 maart 2020
om 19:31 getekend door:
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To my Danish big bro,
Thanks for being such a wonderful friend, for the many laughs and the big bear hugs too! I?m so grateful to have known you and your kind soul. I truly feel like I know what it?s like to have a sibling because of you! Thank you! You touched my life in so many ways. I will continue to cherish our memories. You will be dearly missed.
?? always your American lil sis 
Op 5 maart 2020
om 17:38 getekend door:
R.e.n.e.e. .R.o.s.s.
Dit is niet ok
Birger, Your smile is what I will miss the most. I have always been amazed of the positive vibes that you have spread. APMM Super Cup will never be the same without you. Miss you my friend. Skaal Ashish 
Op 5 maart 2020
om 17:30 getekend door:
A.s.h.i.s.h. .D.s.o.u.z.a.
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Birger din cykelbandit, Du vil altid være i vores tanker med dit gode humør og din måde at være på, du var en helt speciel rar og varm person - Vi vil savne dig på alle vores cykelture fremad og mindes dig. Hvil i fred, Tak for alt

På vegne af alle Banditterne
Helle og Kjeld 
Op 5 maart 2020
om 17:19 getekend door:
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Dear Birgers family,
Birger was a great influence on all he came in contact with. He was sincere, honest, trustworthy, He brought people together and made sure they had a great time. He made sure if there was any drama that it was defused. He made sure that we never ran out of hot shots in he event we took office discussion late night to the bar.
He was like a big brother to the underdogs who worked with them and made sure no one was bullied or left out.
He was happy, smiley, and included everyone.
There is not a negative thing that I have experienced with Birger.
You should be very proud of him and his accomplishments. He will be missed by many but he leaves us with acceptance, honesty, sincerity and inclusion as a motto to live by.
My deepest condolences,
Op 5 maart 2020
om 17:06 getekend door:
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To dear Birger's family,

I had the absolute priviledge of being one of Birger's direct reports. He was one of the first people I met from Maersk CPH. I met him in Hong Kong, during a workshop that would later form the basis of my entire career at Maersk. He was kind, funny, knowledgable and patient. By the end of the week we had learnt a new set of processes, we had bonded as a team and we had enjoyed the most epic and amazing night of kareoke imaginable. I was hooked - I had to be a part of this team and this project in CPH. I made it my mission to join the team and I am so proud to say that Birger was my first manager in Copenhagen. He taught me how to be a leader - how to develop your team members, how to recognise their contributions and reward them. Most of all he taught me what it looks like to support your team members - to be completely in their corner and to stand up for them.

But more than that Birger was a friend. Someone who supported you when times were tough, as well as when we were celebrating.

His light touched us all and I cannot describe to you how lucky I am to have been a part of his sphere. I will always love him. 
Op 5 maart 2020
om 16:56 getekend door:
H.e.l.e.n. .B.e.l.s.h.a.w.
Dit is niet ok
Kære Birger, Kære Ven,

Du var så meget mere end en kollega. Du var en ven, der altid var der når man havde behov for det. En ven der uagtet af, hvor travlt du havde altid lige havde tid til at hjælpe, vejlede, rådegive eller bare snakke. En rigtg ven. Jeg var så heldig allerede at møde dig i en af de første måneder jeg startede i Mærsk. Jeg mødte dig i forbindelse med et noget uoverskueligt projekt omkring VIP kontrakter, som på den ene eller anden måde altid kom til at forfølge os, men jeg husker dig allermest for alt andet end lige det. For hyggelige stunder på borgerkroen med alle de mennesker du kendte. Ja, du introducerede mig også for en masse folk, da jeg var ny, fordi det lå dig så nært at sørge for at alle var glade og havde det godt. Jeg husker dig også for gode snakke, gode råd om livets overvejelser og for hjælp til det ene og det andet for ingen kendte Mærsk som dig og på den måde var du arbejdsmæssigt altid den person jeg gik til, hvis ingen andre kunne svare. Det gjorde jeg også fordi hos dig var der ingen skam eller dårlig samvittighed over, at der var noget man ikke vidste, fordi alle snakke endte altid med verdens største smil og et grin sammen. Om man var sammen med dig på kontoret eller i din elskede Wunderbar, hvor jeg heldigvis også har haft glæden af at være sammen med dig, så er det sådan jeg husker dig. Verdens største smil. Smilet lever videre i min hukommelse.

Himlen blev et smukkere sted med dig, men jeg savner dig allerede her hos os.

Op 5 maart 2020
om 16:39 getekend door:
Dit is niet ok
Kæreste Birger,

Master of hugs, master of smiles!

Jeg har stillet dig virkelig mange spørgsmål - størstedelen nogle jeg burde have kendt svaret på, men altid var for flov til at spørge andre om. ...altså alle andre end lige præcis dig. For du hjalp mig, ALTID - uden spørgsmål og uden at dømme. Tak for det. Og tak fordi du altid kom forbi med kram, også da du var flyttet fra København til Rotterdam.

Jeg ser dig stadig... På gangene og i kantinen - det bliver jeg nok ved med, for du vil altid være savnet og aldrig blive glemt.

Hvil i fred min ven. 
Op 5 maart 2020
om 16:25 getekend door:
Dit is niet ok

From the time you left sales in Århus came to work with us in Sales to the long distance biking trips in Sweden (300km is a long time to look at someone's rear end), it was always a pleasure to be around you. Of all the things I could say about the years we spent working, riding, and hanging out, the thing I will most remember is that every time we got to focus on something together, we always had fun and found a way to get it done. As a person who was just a pleasure to spend time with, you were always the tops. I'll miss those times.
Op 5 maart 2020
om 16:09 getekend door:
J.a.s.o.n. .W.a.l.s.h.
Dit is niet ok
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