Simon Poxon

Simon Poxon

8 januari 1978 - 20 januari 2018
So sad that we have to let you go way too soon, our beloved Si. Forever and beyond you will stay in our hearts. And as we could hear him say: “get on with your life, celebrate it, love everybody because you all know that I did”.
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I was so shocked when I received an email from Your Health Domain informing me of Simon's passing. Simon was my boyfriend's and mine go to physio while Simon was working in Sydney. He was so lovely, always happy and had this beautiful smile on his face every time you see him.

To Simon's husband and the rest of his family, please accept my condolences. I hope the love and support you receive will help you through this time.

Jelena & Selva 
Op 2 juni 2018
om 1:32 getekend door:
Dit is niet ok
Dear Ray and the Poxon family,

I am deeply saddened to hear only today of Simon's passing. He was my go-to massage guy in Sydney in 2005 - 2009 and we became friends. I will remember his beautiful smile, his boyish enthusiasm and his love for life.

I never met you, but please know I am thinking of you all today. Please accept my condolences on what is a terrible loss.

Op 20 april 2018
om 0:45 getekend door:
A.l.l.a.n. .E.n.g.l.i.s.h.
Dit is niet ok
So so so so so sorry to read this... amazing smile, amazing kindness, amazing spirit. thanks for the care you've given me, and my warmest all to those he left behind. with love, sunshine & gratitude xxx 
Op 10 april 2018
om 17:07 getekend door:
Dit is niet ok
I will always love you x
You taught me to live my life to the fullest and for that I will be internally grateful. 
Op 2 april 2018
om 20:19 getekend door:
J.u.l.i.e. .l.e. .R.o.u.x.
Dit is niet ok
Dear Raymond, dear Family,

My sincerest condeolances for the lost of your beloved husband, son and brother.

I am shocked and sad to hear he passed away, so suddenly, and can't hardly believe it. Simon was such a beautiful, positieve, warm, fun and nice person.
I'm a patient, he helped me during my injuries, so I could run again.

Simon, it was a pleasure to meet you. I Always look forward to visit you, although those painful dry needling ;) And I enjoyed heared your stories of how you loved life, your husband and your travels. Haven't met a lot amicable, fun and GREAT persons like you are. Thank you for helping me and I hope you spirit flies free wherever you are.

Love and a hug,

Op 21 maart 2018
om 8:25 getekend door:
B.a.r.t.j.a.n. .T.o.p.
Dit is niet ok
What a nice picture of Simon. Exactly like he always was. One big smile and full of joy. So glad to have met you.
Much love,
Op 14 maart 2018
om 12:53 getekend door:
Dit is niet ok
Weeks later and I'm still so shocked and saddened by a life exit that was so sudden and way way too soon. Like others, I read the messages here - so many, so beautiful, all of them remembering his warmth, his smile, his generosity of spirit - and tears come again. If there are angels, surely he is now one. He was already one when among us. I feel privileged to have known him, and will treasure always the memories of our times together. My heart goes out to all who knew and loved him - husband Ray, Simon's family, his many and varied friends.
Rick H. 
Op 12 maart 2018
om 3:40 getekend door:
R.i.c.k. .H.e.l.d.
Dit is niet ok
It's taken me some time to write a message here Si. Mostly because each time I read everyone elses tributes I'd find myself in a mess of tears! And, truth be told I'd rather think of you and smile, because when you smiled you lit up the whole room!
I never imagined when I followed up on a recommendation to make an appointment with 'the best massage therapist in Sydney' that I'd also gain such a beautiful friend. Though it had been some time since we last saw each other, I thought - and continue to think - of you often. I have such fond memories of the time we spent together and recently re-reading the postcards you sent me from Europe am so glad that you met Ray, who I know you loved so deeply.
To Ray, your parents and the rest of your friends and family, my deepest condolences. Sending you much strength and love at this time... and to you Si, much love and light, always xo
Op 7 maart 2018
om 23:03 getekend door:
A.m.i.e. .M.a.t.t.h.e.w.s.
Dit is niet ok
Fly free gorgeous Si...
Your spirit lives on in all who loved you! ? 
Op 28 februari 2018
om 8:37 getekend door:
D.o.m.i.n.i.q.u.e. .C.o.o.k.
Dit is niet ok
Dearest Simon I was shocked and saddened by the news of your passing. I will always remember your smiles and delightfully boyish optimism. Rest In Peace. My sincerest condolences to Raymond and to your families during this tragic time.
- David 
Op 24 februari 2018
om 9:39 getekend door:
D.a.v.i.d. .L.e.e.
Dit is niet ok
It has taken us a while to contemplate how devastating your loss has been to us. You were ever so kind, joyful and a happy light in all the moments we shared with you. We hope your family finds the strength to bear through this incredible loss. You will be in our hearts forever. Rest in peace, dear friend.. 
Op 23 februari 2018
om 10:51 getekend door:
R.a.s.h.m.i. .&. .K.i.r.t.h.i.
Dit is niet ok
It's been a long time since we last saw each other. I will always remember how we clowned around in Kung fu doing handstands. I wondered from time to time when we'd catch up next and it breaks my heart knowing that will never happen. You told me once you thought of me like a brother and i did too. I will miss the fun times we had, your warmth and your light. My heart goes out to your family bro. I will never forget you. 
Op 20 februari 2018
om 15:32 getekend door:
Dit is niet ok
My dear Simon,all good comes in three(you were the best) And all bad also comes in three( you were the first)
I was so astonished when the news came,it took me weeks to accept. I wish your husband and your family strength to go through this ordeal.
Personally I'm going to miss you as hell

Big hug

Op 17 februari 2018
om 12:49 getekend door:
Dit is niet ok
I'm deeply sadden to hear this devasting news this morning...Si you are an Angel in heaven now..taken from us too soon.
Ray,Lizzie,Alan and family sending you loads of love and healing...xx 
Op 17 februari 2018
om 12:38 getekend door:
M.a.g.g.i.e. .f.l.y.n.n.
Dit is niet ok
I'm in shock having just learned of your passing. I studied with you in 2002/03 and kept in touch since. I was so full of joy to see you happy. Funny, loving and wonderful and forever missed x 
Op 16 februari 2018
om 22:07 getekend door:
K.e.l.l.y. .O.'.F.a.r.r.e.l.l.
Dit is niet ok
Jason and I are in complete shock! We feel absolutely honored to have been able to celebrate your big 4-0. Your smile, laugher, zest for life are all the things we will remember you by.
To Ray, your parents and extended family, we send all of our love and strength. Our hearts go out to each of you.
Nicole & Jason Mills 
Op 11 februari 2018
om 18:27 getekend door:
N.i.c.o.l.e. .&. .J.a.s.o.n. .M.i.l.l.s.
Dit is niet ok
3 weeks later and still incomprehensible and unreal. The cheerful sweet and funny Si is not anymore. We will miss you. Your smiles, your embrace, your sparkling eyes en your love for all your friends.
We will never forget our last holiday together in Greece. It was wonderful.
When we drink a Tequila we will cheers on your memory's

All love goes out to Raymond and the family of Si. Big hugs

Manuel en Michiel 
Op 11 februari 2018
om 12:56 getekend door:
M.a.n.u.e.l. .e.n. .M.i.c.h.i.e.l.
Dit is niet ok
Our dearest Si,

I reckon He needed a special Angel above,... Well,... He got one! ? Sadly he requested your beautiful soul far far far to soon??

Thanks for being in our lives,.. Thanks for letting us into yours. We are ever greatful for all the beautiful memories we made together and they will never fade,..
Thanks for the great chats, laughs, lovely drinks, dreamsharing, professional massages, dinnernights, movies and above all: sharing your beautiful ?you? with us,...

Rest in peace our dear friend,... our cute aussie???

Wishing Raymond, all family and friends all the strenght they need.

??Paul & Ron 
Op 10 februari 2018
om 22:36 getekend door:
P.a.u.l. .e.n. .R.o.n.
Dit is niet ok
simon - just wish you were here now. Miss your smile, your sense of fun, I miss you very much.
Jane ??? 
Op 10 februari 2018
om 2:48 getekend door:
J.a.n.e. .D.u.n.n.
Dit is niet ok
My deepest and sincere condolences to Ray and both families for the big loss of Simon.

He was a cheerful, happy, friendly, kind, warm and smiley person. From the some music events where we met, I remember he was always enthusiastic to talk to you, to make you feel comfortable, introduce me to all his friends, among them Ray and the Australian ones (Nicole & ...). He was always enjoying life and sharing that beautiful moment with his friends and people around him. He was just like the "Firework of Life"

Ray, families and friends, I wish you a lot of strength, patience and courage.

Rest in peace, Simon!

Op 6 februari 2018
om 20:23 getekend door:
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