Yetfan Lee

Yetfan Lee

2 oktober 1963 - 13 mei 2017

You are near,
even if we don't see you.
You are with us,
even if you are far away.
You are in our hearts,
in our thoughts,
in our life

It is with deep sadness that we announce the unexpected passing away of my loved one and proud father of Oliver.

Harriėt and Oliver
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I remain in shock. My school friend with whom i have shared so many memories, a family friend that you became and one that we will miss dearly, without a doubt.

I remember your absence in communication with me from time to time but i could count on your calls for Melbourne Cup Day in November where you would say 'Gandu (slang for ass in Hindi) - how are you - can u put a bet on these horses for me and i will pay you from my winnings - ha, sadly none of the horses you picked every one and when i asked why you still wanted to keep betting you said ' gandu, one day i will win' and so i continued to do what you asked when you rang. (must make a mention here that i am till today not sure why you addressed me as 'gandu' but if people knew you like i did they would know you meant it in an affectionate way and that is how we spoke, it just made the sentence sound better.

Other times i tried to get in touch with you and when i could not got worried and would ask Rodney or Yezdi if they heard from you and wanted to know if you were ok. They would naturally reply before you and then all of a sudden out of the blue i would get a barrage of messages from you on Whats App including the delightful news lately on the impending birth of Oliver and pictures and pictures thereafter depicting how proud a father you had become.

I will miss you and will move forward as if nothing has changed, until we meet again.

Love Cheryl 
Op 13 juli 2017
om 21:43 getekend door:
C.h.e.r.y.l. .P.r.a.t.s.
Dit is niet ok

"Gone too soon" are the thoughts that flood my mind when I think of the loss of a good family friend that I have known for a long time. A fun loving person who enjoyed life to the fullest. A good cook, father and a great companion. Late nights with Yeti were not uncommon and waking up the next day to do it all over again was something we looked forward to. I didn't know Yeti that well in India but when he was in the land of OZ, he became my good friend. I always admired his culinary skills because he was able to whip something up in a flash in the kitchen (and you could it it too) lol.

Yeti, you will be missed. We had some really great times and I am glad I got to meet you and your lovely wife again and the new addition to your family, little Oliver. He has your eyes and your charm so you will live on through him. May your soul rest in piece my brother.

Diana & Clinton 
Op 13 juli 2017
om 21:38 getekend door:
C.l.i.n.t.o.n. .B.r.e.w.e.r.
Dit is niet ok
Lieve, lieve Harriet en schattige Oliver,

Woorden schieten nog steeds te kort over het gemis van Stefan. Ongelofelijk dat dit is gebeurt op zo'n jonge leeftijd.
De mooie herinneringen met hem blijven voor altijd bij ons. In al die jaren dat we elkaar hebben gezien, zijn dat er teveel om op te noemen.

De rode draad door ons leven: eten en het gezellige koken en wijntjes drinken met elkaar. Ook al hoefde Stefan niet te koken, hij nam altijd iets verrassends en bijzonders mee.
De vele gezellige familie avonden/weekenden met elkaar en dan natuurlijk overheerlijke grote stukken vlees. Wat gaan we dat allemaal missen.

En toen was daar jullie zoon, Oliver. Wat een trotse vader had je naast je. Alles deed hij voor hem. Geen potjes eten maar alles vers, lekker fietsen met hem. Oliver was alles voor hem. 2,5 intense jaren met z'n drietjes, dat hadden er veel en veel meer moeten zijn, wat oneerlijk.

Stefan werd warm in jou familie opgenomen en hij voelde dat ook echt als zijn familie.

Lieve Harriet en Oliver, ik wens jullie alle sterkte en kracht. Nu en in de toekomst. Heb elkaar lief, hou van elkaar en geniet van elkaar. Laten we Stefan 'levend' houden door de vele avonturen die jullie hebben beleefd en de gewoon alledaagse dingen die jullie hebben gedaan te blijven vertellen.

Mocht je hulp nodig hebben, voor nu en vooral in de toekomst, ik sta altijd voor je klaar!

Hele dikke knuffel en veel liefs. 
Op 7 juni 2017
om 8:53 getekend door:
F.e.m.k.e. .S.c.h.r.a.k.a.m.p.
Dit is niet ok
Lieve Harriet en Oliver,

Wat kan ik nog zeggen dat al niet gezegd is... Het gemis is groot en veel te vroeg.
Stefan was Stefan. Ik denk dat er maar weinig mensen zijn die hem na een ontmoeting konden vergeten. Hij liet altijd een indruk achter, of dat nu in de kroeg en op de dansvloer was, of op de markt met Oliver. Ik leerde hem kennen als de spannende, stoere man die jouw hart in Nepal had veroverd. Die met veel passie en energie in jouw leven kwam. En dus ook in het leven van iedereen om jou heen. Hij pakte zijn plek, en dat zal vast niet altijd makkelijk zijn geweest, met al die hechte familie en vriendschapsbanden. Maar hij kwam en ging niet meer weg.
Veel mooie herinneringen zijn overgoten met feestjes en bier. En wijn! En lekker eten! Hij kon genieten en wilde dat anderen dat ook deden. Want waarom genoegen nemen met minder?
En toen daar eindelijk Oliver kwam veranderde er een heleboel, maar het genieten werd alleen maar groter. Hij was zo dol op Oliver. En terecht!
Lieve Harriet, ik zou willen dat ik een beetje van de pijn en het verdriet kon wegnemen. We zijn er voor jullie, vandaag, morgen, volgende week, volgende maand en volgend jaar. En daarna.
Heel veel liefs, voor jou en Oliver! 
Op 31 mei 2017
om 16:58 getekend door:
E.v.a. .v.a.n. .d.e.r. .V.e.e.r.
Dit is niet ok
The first moment, after I had been called that you had passed away, I couldn't do anything but cry and stare ahead of me in disbelief and shock. Could it really be true that you were gone? A moment when time stands still, for just a little while. The self-evidence that you are here with us, was abruptly shattered into a thousand pieces in the next few hours and days.
When I got to know you, we often went out with Harriet. What a truly great dancer you were. Funny...and odd...I might say...with your own 'Stefan moves'. How I enjoyed acting totally silly with you on the dance floor all evening. And you wouldn't be you, not minding at all about what other people might think of this.
By the time we got home, we had usually decided we would have
'een afzakkertje' before going to sleep (it actually never was the last one and we laughed about having priorities in learning Dutch words). What followed were often endless heated discussions about politics, life and about how we thought that the world should be (many times ending up, in seeing it become light again outside). While the debating became more serious, the Dutch and English words became more and more closely intertwined. We really had to make our point. Agreeing and disagreeing. Thank you for all our talks, I have always enjoyed them so much.
Your love for food was always subject for good and passionate talk. I remember when we were barbecuing in our garden. You were heavily convincing Koen that barbecue was definitely not only a summer 'thing'. According to you, it was also for in the winter, probably best when it had been snowing. The food would even taste better because of the cold outside (to put it in the positive sense, you actually did adapt to our dreadful Dutch weather, in a way).
The pride you felt for Oliver was always noticeable. The way you played with, held, learned and loved your son was, from the beginning, in the most natural and endearing way. As if he had always been there. That little guy was so fond of you and you have every reason to be the proud dad that you are. I get indescribably sad when I think of Oliver and how he is not going to have you around. But no worries. We are going to tell him all about you, my friend.
We will be missing you in so many ways.
I can only hope that the pain and grief somewhat fades away
in time, for your beloved Harriet. We are there for you, Harriet and Oliver. We will always protect and watch over you, when we can.

Our condolences go out to all family and friends of Stefan (Yetfan)in the Netherlands and in other parts of the world.

Nathalie & Koen van Doormaal-Mens 
Op 24 mei 2017
om 15:00 getekend door:
N.a.t.h.a.l.i.e. .v.a.n.D.o.o.r.m.a.a.l.
Dit is niet ok
God bless your family and give them the strength to help them through this difficult time.My heartfelt condolences to Harriet, Oliver and Pee Pee.
Wah Ching and family. 
Op 22 mei 2017
om 1:38 getekend door:
W.a.h. .C.h.i.n.g.
Dit is niet ok
Lieve, lieve Har en Oliver,

Ik kan het besef dat Stefan er niet meer is, nog maar nauwelijks bevatten; afgelopen week waren jij, Oliver en Stefan continue in mijn gedachten. Hoe verdrietig vind ik het dat jullie niet meer tijd samen gegund is; jullie waren zo happy met z'n drietjes sinds het geschenk van Oliver's komst, dat straalde ervan af. Het was jullie zo gegund!
En wat een gemis dat lieve, zorgzame Stefan er niet meer is. Ik denk aan de vele middagen en avonden bij jou thuis, aan het werk voor Pamoja, en hoe Stefan dat verlichtte met zijn heerlijke gerechten en verhalen. Ik grapte vaak dat ik ook zo'n man wilde en of hij geen (vrijgezelle) tweelingbroer had of gekloond kon worden? Wat een gemis dat hij er niet meer is! Maar gelukkig leeft hij voort, niet alleen in Oliver maar in ons allemaal. Ik denk met veel warmte en liefde aan hem, en aan jullie.
Veel liefs en sterkte, Ellen 
Op 21 mei 2017
om 20:11 getekend door:
E.l.l.e.n. .v.a.n. .P.u.f.f.e.l.e.n.
Dit is niet ok
Yetfan, a little more than 30 years ago when first we met in Bombay, India, God had blessed me with a wonderful brother... YOU, caring and loving... A brother who taught me much... Introduced me to a strange country, strange people. I vividly recall the times you took me to have my hair cut, you holding my hand at the dentist, our visits to the shops. I admired my Chinese brother speaking Hindi. The moments we spent with Uncle Allan, Aunt Mabel, Melanie, Melissa, Twinkle and Tina. Then you went to Muskat... Our long chats on the phone. Your time in Australia... And again the phone eased our distance. And as fate would have it your wonderful brother, Peepee married my amazing sister, Zohra. And our family ties sealed for life. Your trip to South Africa. You made Daddy and Mummy so proud. And then Peepee and Zohra were blessed with a delightful daughter, Afrah. Even though you were a million miles away, Peepee and Zohra spoke to Afrah about you all the time. Afrah asked about you constantly and loved you from a distant South Africa. Afrah was thrilled when Oliver was born. She was no longer "Little Lee"... Oliver rightfully owned that title... And there Afrah was " Big Lee", proud of and loving Oliver all she could. Thank you for loving all our children. Thank you for being you! So many years passed by and we never took the time to talk. Then you arrived with Harriet and Oliver... This wonderful feeling that no matter how much time passed by, we could pick up exactly where we left off. Undoubtedly you were a great chef, I never got to taste it but what a privilege and honor to see you enjoy my simple just-put-together food made with love. I look at the many, many photos of you, and I smile and cry and laugh and cry again.
I am aware of your absence every waking moment. Thank you for being a big part of my life... Moments I will treasure for always.
I end with our last conversation at Peepee and Zohra's home. It went something like this..
I said: Yetfan we're getting old. Look at how grown the kids are. Where did time go? What happened?
You said: Muneera, life happened.
Lots of love always my amazing brother.
Muneera Kays
South Africa 
Op 21 mei 2017
om 6:42 getekend door:
M.u.n.e.e.r.a. .K.a.y.s.
Dit is niet ok
God works in mysterious ways and though I am greatly saddened that He took Yetfan away so early in life, I am eternally grateful that He allowed our paths to cross. Yetfan was a straight shooter and always able to confidently deal with the curve balls thrown his way. I had the privilege and pleasure of enjoying his friendship, drive, tenacity and leadership on and off the sports field. I learned many life lessons from him and still cherish many a happy adventure we shared together. I wish him bon voyage to the happy hunting grounds, where one day I shall meet up with him once again. Cheers and God bless old friend...see you later in the "After-Life".

My heartfelt condolences to all the loved ones he's left behind, Harriet, Oliver and Pipi in particular.

Ted Myall 
Op 20 mei 2017
om 20:15 getekend door:
E.d.w.a.r.d. .M.y.a.l.l.
Dit is niet ok
Dear Uncle Yetfan

Thank you for being such a force in our lives. You showed me how to live a life that is authentic; a life with meaning and life a without regrets. You are the definition of the 'fun uncle'. I find myself reminiscing last November spent with you, Aunt Harriët and Oliver and I can't believe that we bid farewell to you now. Indeed, we'll always have Sun City! My heart breaks for Oliver and Aunt Harriët but we'll always be family and there are many more ice-cream trips awaiting Oliver! May you rest in peace.

Love you, Uncle Yetfan.
Op 20 mei 2017
om 13:01 getekend door:
Dit is niet ok
I don't understand how I feel this void given that I never actually knew my uncle. Throughout my childhood I heard versions of him, all of them great and I constantly felt like I was missing out. Last year I got to meet him and when spending time with him, Aunt Harriët and Oliver it felt like that's where I belonged. In those moments I could not imagine myself anywhere else.

It's a feeling I did not know I craved because to have an uncle who loved me unconditionally, who loved the coffee I made even though I spilt it, who reassured me that tuna and olives are a good combination when I told him about the lunch I made, who insisted that when it comes to choosing what to study I consider only myself and what I want, who folded chocolate mousse and listened to my thoughts making me feel important but most of all, to have an uncle who gave me Oliver and Aunt Harriët; a family I am privileged to love is possibly the one thing I wish lasted my entire life.

I feel so selfish, so fragile and naïve because I just don't understand it all but I find peace knowing that I have a little cousin and an aunt; pieces of you to remind me just how beautiful life is. I love you, Uncle Yetfan.

To Aunt Harriët, Oliver, my father and all those grieving my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Op 20 mei 2017
om 12:50 getekend door:
Dit is niet ok
Onwerkelijk, oneerlijk en ellendig. Dat was het gevoel wat zaterdagmiddag begon en helaas alleen maar sterker werd. Precies een week eerder had je ons verrast met een geweldig idee, bbq'en. Je had alles tot in de puntjes voorbereid. Dat vond je belangrijk. Dat er genoeg eten was, dat het super smaakte, dat iedereen een drankje had en nog een. En alles was fantastisch, er was meer dan genoeg, je deelde met mensen die voorbij kwamen. Wat opviel is hoe vriendelijk je mensen begroette, ze uitnodigde en daar heel tevreden bij keek. Hoe je Oliver liet proeven, hoe goed je hem kende en begreep. Je had al eens eerder verteld dat je graag samen met Oliver op stap ging, de stad in. Je vond het bijzonder hoe Oliver van alles zag en aanwees en aan je vertelde, nog voordat je het zelf had gezien. We hadden graag nog langer en nog meer momenten met je gedeeld, je beter leren kennen. We zullen er zijn voor Harriet en Oliver.
Pjer, Patrick en Kirsten 
Op 20 mei 2017
om 10:04 getekend door:
P.j.e.r.,. .P.a.t.r.i.c.k.,. .K.i.r.s.t.e.n.
Dit is niet ok
We had good times together as kids.
Too bad we couldn't connect as adults but you will surely be missed.
RIP buddy
May God bless your family and give them the strength and courage to go through this difficult time.
Pee pee my sincere condolence to you.
Winni Tsang
Op 20 mei 2017
om 5:36 getekend door:
W.i.n.n.i. .T.s.a.n.g.
Dit is niet ok
Wat een vreselijke schok dat het mooie leven ineens voorbij is voor jou, Stefan. Of liever Yetfan. Een naam die ik niet kende, maar wel helemaal bij je past. We zouden dit weekend met zijn zevenen samen gaan eten en logeren in Broekland. Peter en ik zaten een week geleden al met kookboeken in de handen toen we van Harriet hoorden dat het leuke weekend niet door kon gaan. De grond zakte weg. Peter en ik dachten aan de geit die je in de supermarkt van Lissabon gevonden had. Het hoofd zat er zelfs nog aan met hersenen. Van alle onderdelen heb je iets lekkers gemaakt. De wake up call om 9 uur 's ochtends met een zelfgestookt drankje. De keren dat jij in het Nederlands een woord zei, waar ik in het Engels niet op kon komen. De ongeremde passievolle gesprekken over eten, drinken, het leven, maar vooral over jouw dierbare Oliver en Harriet. Ik mis je en zal er zijn voor Harriet en Oliver. Veel liefs,
Op 20 mei 2017
om 0:24 getekend door:
J.o.z.e.t.t.e. .A.l.d.e.n.h.o.v.e.n.
Dit is niet ok
We would like to say few words to our friend Stefan, he is caring and funny person, Very proud father of Oliver and partner of Harriët,He love to talk and laugh, thank you my friend for the good memories and laughter, rest in peace, to Harriët and oliver our thoughts and sympathy! 
Op 19 mei 2017
om 22:03 getekend door:
Dit is niet ok
Dear Harriet, Oliver, Family and Friends of Yetfan,

We saw you(Yetfan) and your family first in the elevator of westerdok building carrying your only son Oliver. A HAPPY and PROUD FATHER. We didnt expect that we (DING&LEAH) will going to work in your place. Until there is the time that you make Ding fell inlove for who you are. Such a good person with a good heart. You make a lot of fun together. Every friday he has something to tell me about the things that you make fun of.

Suddenly we are in shocked when Harriet called Ding to tell that you passed away. You broke Ding's heart. His best body or best man is gone. No more fun moments. No more jokes that Ding will going to share with me. No more kind regards to us from you.

But anyway we all know that you are now in good hands(HEAVEN) as an ANGEL. We love you and your memorries will not be forgotten.

Harriet and Handsome Oliver: always stay strong... We dont know what to say but we love you and no matter what he(Stefan) will always be as proud father and husband to the both of you.

Rest in peace oud Dear Friend... Yoy will always be in our hearts... 
Op 19 mei 2017
om 21:52 getekend door:
Dit is niet ok
Lieve Harriet en Oliver,

Vanochtend zag ik jullie lopen naar Westerdok, vanuit mijn keuken, waar ik Stefan ook zo vaak, bij het brengen van Oliver, altijd zeer vrolijk geluimd, gezien en gegroet heb. We zwaaiden dan, hij bracht duidelijk zijn grote trots, naar het Kindercentrum. Ik vond dat mooi om te zien. Wat een onvoorstelbaar groot verlies overvalt jullie. Moedig dat je er vanochtend weer was. Mijn oprechte deelneming. Marieke, de kok van Westerdok 
Op 19 mei 2017
om 21:34 getekend door:
M.a.r.i.e.k.e. .B.i.k.k.e.r.s. .(.d.e. .k.o.k. .v.a.n. .W.e.s.t.e.r.d.o.k.).
Dit is niet ok
Dear Uncle Yetfan, still can't believe you are gone! It breaks my heart! Thinking back to last year when you visited. Am truly grateful that we got this opportunity to see you again and to meet Aunt Harriet and Oliver, especially for Afrah who was so thrilled to be with you all!

So happy you got to meet my husband too. Zaahir and I loved spending time with you all!

You were such an awesome person to be around. I loved your energy and zest for life! You will always be the uncle who introduced yummy 'Tim Tams' to us from Australia :) Muzaffer, Yumna and I were over the moon! Special memories we will treasure forever. Love you and will miss you! Rest in peace.

Dearest Aunt Harriet and Oliver. You are very special to us. Praying for your strength and comfort. We love you! 
Op 19 mei 2017
om 18:22 getekend door:
Z.a.h.e.e.r.a. .S.a.l.i.e. .(.C.a.p.e. .T.o.w.n.).
Dit is niet ok
To me and family he was Faantoi and will always be as we fondly remember him from our school holidays when he dropped by with his brother by his side for some game and fun. He was a good kid then and I am sure was a good husband, brother, friend and most of all an awesome father. It's sad that we didn't connect when we were older but glad to hear as I read through the condolences that he lived a good life with friends and family.

My heartfelt condolences to Harriet, Oliver and Pee Pee. God Bless and may he rest in peace.

Wah Han and family - Canada 
Op 19 mei 2017
om 17:33 getekend door:
W.a.h. .H.a.n.
Dit is niet ok
It is with a heavy heart that we bid farewell to our beloved friend and brother Yet Fan.

Yet Fan was a hero and role model to all of us in school. He was an amazing athlete and A grade student and had a fan following of his own. He was a big brother and mentor to all the young boarders at St Peters.

Yet Fan left his school and home to take on the world with a courageous heart and free spirit. He was passionate about what he did and life in general. In all his adventures he never lost sight of the person he was he never tried to be different he was 100% original, 100% honest and 100% Yet Fan.

Goodbye our friend and brother. We love you and you will stay in our hearts forever.

Harriett, Oliver and Pipi, our heartfelt condolences go out to you and we pray that somehow you find the strength to get through this difficult time.

Harriett, please know that your beloved Yet Fan left you and Oliver a legacy of friends and family around the world who welcome you with open arms should you ever pass our way.

With our warm love and grace,

Jerry, Pishu, Zoë & Zachary - Canada 
Op 19 mei 2017
om 15:45 getekend door:
P.a.t.r.i.c.i.a. .M.y.a.l.l. .L.e.v.i.
Dit is niet ok
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